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We are so happy you came to look at our little part of the world. 

Shebreathes Studios is an on location photography studio serving the Central Valley, the state of California and the entire world. Our style is a mix between fine art and photojournalism, giving you that something special in every image.

Michelle and Teresa are a sister team specializing in wedding, engagement, lifestyle and family portraits. Shebreathes Studios is a team of 4 very talented and professional photographers. Michelle started her career in 2003 and Teresa came on board in 2009 to add that missing piece to their unique and creative style. Since then, the company has only grown, making every season that much better than the last. 

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The Picccolottis 

What a fantastic team of strong ladies. If you go in with no knowledge of how you want to look and what pictures to take, don't worry this team will help you out and give you suggestions but also make you laugh and make it feel authentic. As the wedding drew closer there were checks ins on the timeline, and any suggestions she had on photos to take and how that can fit in the timeline. Overall my experience with this team was fun, helpful, supportive and over all lovely. The photos came out breathtaking and they felt authentic and real not staged or fake in anyway it all felt genuue which is what I wanted and they delivered.

Shani Piccolotti