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Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do | Rumi


Michelle is an award-winning photographer who specializes in wedding and portrait photography.  She is a college educated photographer, having studied under commercially recognized professors whose work has been displayed in galleries across the country. Her inspiration for photography comes from her grandfather, a landscape and portrait photographer whose commercial work was widely recognized. This inspiration can be seen in her portraits where she is able to capture the moment while seamlessly incorporating the environment.  Her reputation for quality photography has grown far and wide as she has been hired for weddings across the country.  Weddings or portraits, years of experience has given her the ability to capture those moments that will be treasured forever. 


Teresa Nelson was an artist in her own right when her photography skills came to the attention of her twin sister, Michelle. As the demand for the studio’s wedding and portrait photography grew, Michelle knew another photographer was needed.  Teresa was the obvious choice as the sisters thought and style process was symbiotic in so many ways that she would be a natural fit.  Since joining the She Breathes Studio team, Teresa has functioned as a lead photographer at many weddings.  Working closely with Michelle she has developed a unique style of photography that individualizes her but supports the ideas and concepts Michelle’s clients have come to love and enjoy.