About Shebreathes Studios

picture taker | adventure seeker | fruit lover

Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do | Rumi


Michelle is an accomplished wedding, portrait, conceptual, and fine art photographer that started her career as a child. Under the mentorship of her grandfather who studied landscape photography with Ansel Adams in Yosemite, Michelle was already a seasoned photographer by the time she reached high school. In college Michelle studied under professors that work for large corporations such as Costco and Polaroid Corporation whom showcased their work at respected galleries such as the Chautauqua Art Association Gallery, N.Y., Light Impressions Gallery, Rochester, N.Y., The Nikon House, New York City; with work published in “LensWork Quarterly”, “Black & White” Magazine, and “Color” Magazine.


Teresa is Michelle's right hand girl. She has been by her side, photographing weddings since 2009 and has really perfected her craft. She is the true defintion of a natural talent and brings such a fun experience to every wedding. She does not have formal training but once you see her images, you never would believe it. 

When she is not behind the camera she is first and formost a mother, wife, crocheting speed demon and coffee loving woman. Teresa loves to spend her time at the lake (that happens to be in her backyard) with her family and friends and taking adventures all around the Sierra Nevadas. 

Teresa is a bright soul and loves photographing couples starting their life together.